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LOS ANGELES, Jan. 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In a week that turned out the vote in New Hampshire for the 2024 presidential election, cannabis once again found its way into the room, albeit barely. Former NFL offensive tackle Kyle Turley brought his relentless plea for cannabis reform to the snowy hills and mountains of New Hampshire for the 2024 presidential primaries. Amidst a room full of staunch voters on both sides of the aisle, Turley stood out like an elephant. Picture the scene: the frigid New Hampshire primary voters, packed into small rooms, standing next to the 6-foot-5, 310-pound surfer from Southern California was quite a sight. Turley’s purpose for being in New Hampshire was simple: “get in front of the candidates, take no sides, and let them know why I’m there,” said Turley. “My experience cannot be denied; cannabis truly saved my life and continues to do so as I deal with the aftermath of a 10-year NFL career, and the people deserve the same opportunities across this great country of ours.”

If there has been one consistent thing about Kyle Turley, it’s been his persistence in resolving issues plaguing the retired NFL community. No stranger to the horror stories seen playing out in the news, Turley arrived at his resolution in cannabis from the same dark place that contin

ues to claim the lives of our gridiron and military heroes.

At the end of the day, what the candidates can vote for in this year’s election is what Kyle Turley left his Nashville home and family for, to fly northeast into the eye of the storm. There is actual cannabis legislation at stake in this year’s election. With the Safe Banking Act, which will allow $1 trillion of unbankable cash into the economy, rescheduling of cannabis to a Schedule Three drug allowing for human research, and hemp legislation that would raise the THC level to 1%, freeing states and small businesses from confusing gray hemp markets, we could see an American industrial revolution. “As someone who has firsthand experience of recovery through cannabis and serving in the industry, I understand the significant positive impact passing these laws and bills will have on our country,” said Turley. When asked if he plans to stay on the trail, Turley replied, “New Hampshire was fun, but Nevada has the big game coming up that I was born to play.” With the big game following the Nevada primaries, there’s no doubt Kyle Turley will take full advantage of his NFL platform, and we can all celebrate a higher calling victory in November.


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