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Revenant Culture

We are a proud athlete activist led cannabis brand founded by three retired NFL players Kyle Turley, Jim McMahon, and Eben Britton. A mutual respect and understanding of the healing principles the cannabis plant provides brought these gentlemen together and fuels our desire to share it with the world.

Kyle Turley

Jim McMahon

Eben Britton

Our Why & Mission Statement

From their playing days in the NFL through retirement Kyle, Jim, and Eben saw firsthand how opioids abused the body and minds of so many players, including themselves. After extensive research and creating the strain the Revenant brand was formed. The purpose of our brand is twofold, first and foremost is to provide humanity with an alternative to harmful pharmaceuticals with everyone’s mental and physical wellbeing in mind. Second is to offer a high-quality line of products for those desiring to have fun and enjoy the recreational use of cannabis.

At Revenant, we believe in creating immersive and authentic experiences that inspire. We’re more than a cannabis company; we’re a community of people who believe in the healing power of the plant.

Recover (Hybrid)

The Revenant brand is based on the principles of recovery. The Recovery category is a line of strains specifically designed to promote a well-balanced medication experience.

Revitalize (Indica)

There’s a price to pay for elite performance. Our Indica-inspired Revitalize is a category of strains that promote pain relief, better sleep, and recovery from chronic pain and injuries that come with professional sports and elite training.

Return (Sativa)

The boost of energy you need to get back to elite performance. Dealing with attention disorders and motivation/mood fatigue, this category of strains is just for you. Within this category is our RX-68 strain part of the Revenant MJ product line.

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NFL vets on a mission to medicate athletes